Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Let Me See You

Stuff that cracked me up:

1.) You may remember awhile ago the huge Sony battery recall with Dell and Apple. A little while after those an IBM battery also started sparking and smoking at an airport. According to FOXNews.com Sony 'had yet to determine if the battery in the laptop was indeed a Sony battery.' Now how long does that process take? They look at the battery for awhile...I'm not sure if this is the thing we make...umm...hold on, let's aa...put it in a different laptop and...oh, oh there it goes, yep, it exploded, yeah that's our battery, shit.

2.) This is something that probably happens to you almost daily if not more than once a day. You're walking along and you see somebody you recognize a little farther up. The problem is they're too far away to start a conversation. Now by this point this person's already seen and recognized you too. So now you are both looking at everything around you. Trying frantically to avoid the other person's eyes at all costs. Everyone around you both is looking around trying to figure just what in God's name you both are looking at. As you get closer and closer to passing each other the glances up at the other person become more and more frequent. Then finally, finally as you pass each other you exchange the obligatory 'hey' and it's all over.

Song: Blake Shelton - Playboys of the Southwestern World