Monday, July 24, 2006

Tonights the Night the World Begins Again

Country music is great. What emotion doesn't country music evoke? That's right you can't name one. Music is all about emotion and feeling, and country music covers just about every emotion and feeling there is to cover. Think about it.

I have a feeling that this new bike isn't going to be very good for my health. I don't have a very good history with bikes. Broken arms, teeth, sprained wrists and ankles, broken fingers. That was all within a period of a couple years. In mainly flat areas. I can only imagine what I can do with hills and jumps. I'll call the emergency room ASAP once I get my new bike I think.

I hate summers sometimes. I'm getting to the really really anxious to get away from my house part of the summer now. I can't wait. I may have already said this, but I don't remember for sure. Next summer I'll have my own car though, that'll help alot I think.

Song: Gary Allan - The Best I Ever Had

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I Can See You Die a Little More Inside

(If you really don’t want to read all of this, you should skip to the last paragraph.)

Have you ever been so tired that you couldn’t even think? All day during work today I kept getting that glassy eyed look you get when you’ve been driving straight at the same speed down the interstate for an extended period of time. Productive work day huh? Actually I got a surprising amount of stuff done all things considered.

I’ve been looking into getting a new bike lately, my old one has something wrong with it’s rear derailleur. My old bike is also a road bike (the tires are about an ¼” wide). I’ve always wanted a mountain bike and I think I may finally get one. I’m looking at two brands in particular, Specialized and Fuji. The Fuji that I’m looking at is called the ‘Thriller’ and there are two Specialized bikes that I’m looking at; one is called the rockhopper and the other one slipped my mind right now. I would look it up, but I can’t get online.

There’s a big storm outside right now. There are power lines down on the main street by my house and we have no power right now. Thank God for laptops huh? The storm was amazing though, the way it came in. I was upstairs dishing up some ice cream and all of the sudden I just heard this whooshing sound. The downpour started and the wind howled. The news early this evening said that the winds would be destructive winds up to 80 mph. They pulled off the destructive part pretty well with the power lines. I won’t be surprised to see a few trees down tomorrow either.

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about religion in this blog, I usually try to steer clear of a lot of it. Not because I don’t have my own opinions and views but because I get so much of it at home with my dad being a pastor that when it comes time to talk about it anywhere else I’m all ‘religioned’ out. But when I opened our garage door to look outside at the storm the first thing that came to mind was ‘way to go God. That’s awesome.’ I know some people are scared of storms like that and even my mom was starting to get worried through some of it, but all I could think of was Romans 8:28 (off the top of my head) All things work to the good of those who love him who have been called according to his purpose. The worst God could do would end up turning out good in some way. Put a tree through my house, not only would it make my summer more interesting in various ways but it would somehow work out for good. Now you see why that’s my favorite Bible passage?

I know to make a blog post interesting it’s more understandable if you stick to one topic. But I’ve never been very good at that. When I write things tend to just weasel their way into my head and I can’ t just not write about them. That would drive me insane just leaving that all sit up there. There’s only a limited amount of space to be dealt out. My ideas are like tenants in the hotel of my brain. They stay for a night and then take off. (The vacant sign’s bulbs need replacement after so much use.)

My last topic that I wanted to bring up though is caring. What if you care about someone, but you don’t want to care about them? What do you do then? Go ahead, try it, think of someone you care about a lot, that’s step one. Now just try and imagine not caring about them at all anymore. Just think about not calling, not emailing, not contacting this person at all. Here’s the thing though, you can’t care. Sure, most people are strong enough that they can not keep in contact with someone for a little while, but does the care disappear? No. You still wonder how that person is doing, what they’re up to, if their life is going well for them. You still care. So what is there to do about this? Should anything be done?

What I really want to know though is, is it bad to not want to care? (Read this next one carefully). Is it good to NOT be able to NOT care? Or is that just weakness? Of course you can look at it both ways. You can come up with Pros and Cons for either side. But when it comes down to it; in the big picture, is indifference to your own feelings and emotions, to others feelings and emotions a good thing?

Song: Toby Keith – A Little Too Late

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Gotta Be More Than Hopin' it's Right

Does anybody else really want to play volleyball? Not inside volleyball. No gym. I want to play beach volleyball. I want to dive around in the sand. Forget the fact that I suck at volley ball, and that it takes me around 5 or 6 warm-up serves before I can even get my shoulder to let me put the ball over the net. I just want to play some beach volleyball. Or go to the beach at all.

I live 25-30 minutes away from Lake Michigan and I haven't been to the beach this summer. How sad is that? Not that I'm already not sunburnt enough...I'm thinking of taking a bike ride over to Lake Michigan though. What do you think? Should I give it a shot? I'll have to see how hilly and everything it would be though. I'm still not in the best shape so if it's too hilly that may be a big no right there. Otherwise that may be something you hear about sometime in the near future.

All I have to do is remember more water. Last time I finished the bottle before I even started on the way back.

Song: Mario Vasquez - Gallery

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Like It's Going Out of Style

So here I am sitting in bed, with my new laptop (yes!), thinking that I need to write in my blog.

First off, I was stretching for something interesting to write in that last post, it sucked. This goes to prove my point that I try to make to every writing teacher. If you don't have anything to write about or you don't want to write at the moment, whatever you's gonna suck.

So, me the last couple of days? Well, I went for a long bike ride on the 4th. I figured that was a pretty constructive way to spend my day off. Y'know, there was a summer, I think around 6th grade that that was all I did, ride my bike around. I'd go on three or four bike rides a day. I had no job, it was nice out, all my friends lived about 30-45 minutes away. Why not? I was in such good shape too. I could've challenged Lance Armstrong. I would've won, he knows it.

I really want to take a bike ride to Lake Michigan before the end of the summer. I have to see how the roads are though, because it's a 30 minute car ride, it'd be a hell of a bike ride.

As for the fact that college is coming up again in about 5 more weeks now? I'm kind of stuck between whether I want to do something with the business end of computers or the IT end of them? Somebody needs to tell me what to do with my life.

I'm addicted to two TV shows right now. Grey's Anatomy and The Office. I kind of feel like a girl sometimes watching Grey's Anatomy. But then I think of how many guys I know that watch 'The OC' which I personally feel is much more soap opera-ish and girly. That makes me feel much better about myself. So thank you.

Song: Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars

Monday, July 03, 2006

Mosquitos in Tawas

I just went through my photos today. I wish all the photos I have were digital. It's so much easier to organize them. I guess there's kind of something about regular photos, but it's the same kind of thing with digital photos too. You get the same kind of nostalgia either way. It made me think about the simplicity of things, dare I say, back then.

But here's what it made me think. While sure things are more complicated now than they were, say, when we were 12, alot of that is us too. We like to challenge ourselves with more complicated ideas; we like to take on more complex problems with millions of little intricate details that all need to collectively collaborate to work together, making each and every task vitally important and increasingly hard.

Then we like to complain about it. Bringing our work home with us we proclaim that we have too much to do and that we don’t have any time to get it done.

If you don’t want to work more than your 8 hours a day then don’t, if you have other stuff to do then do it. Nobody’s going to criticize you. Do your things on your time. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Oh, and before you say anything, no I'm not advocating getting drunk. It's just a song. Settle down. You know who you are.

Song: Toby Keith - Get Drunk and Be Somebody