Sunday, December 31, 2006

Purer than Water

A friend of mine recently published a book...

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Tell Me that You've Opened Your Eyes

It is absolutely crazy how much people can change. I don't know if anybody has seen the videos on youtube where people have taken a picture of themselves everyday for a year or longer and then put them all into a fast video slideshow of all these pictures. It's simply amazing. It just get's you to thinking how much you've changed as a person over your life.

Unfortuanetly the change I'm talking about can't be measured in pictures or the length/color/style of your hair at any given point in time. If there was a way to watch peoples personalitys change over the course of their lives I want to see it, if someone has a way to invent that give me a call, I'll help you. If it's too much work for you give me the idea, I'll do all the work.

If someone could capture the intricacies of people's changing personalitys in some form of art it would probably rival the Mona Lisa.

Song: Snow Patrol - The Finish Line