Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Is it all that Great Without Me?

Why do people wait for things? Think about it. Has there been a time, in your life, that you haven't been waiting for something to happen?

At work you wait for that big promotion, or that new opportunity. At a bar you wait for the perfect moment to approach that one girl. At home you wait for that phone call you've been expecting. Some of us even wait for the second coming of Christ.

Why oh why do we wait? Is it really all that bad right now? Is your life, as it is right now, so bad that the best thing that you have to do is sit around and wait for something better to come along?

Think about it. No, REALLY think about it. It's not. I don't know who's reading this blog right now. Not much of anybody from what the page counter says. But I hope that one person reads this and agrees with me.

It's not all that bad. In fact it's probably pretty damn good. Yes I mean your life.

I mean you, who, may be working your way through 2 or even 3 jobs this summer to pay for college tuition. You who may be working 60+ hours each week. You who may be out of college and drowning in the monotonous rigors of a 9-5 cubicle job. Why do we do it? Because we think, we look forward, we hope for something better.

And there it is. Hope. There's always that little bit of hope in everybody that there's something better. When it comes down to it, yes, there probably is something better. But does that hope of something better keep us from enjoying the good that we have at the moment?

I'm not saying be content with what you have. No. Contentment never got anybody anywhere. Think about it, if everyone was always content with what they had, we would never have even got as far as inventing the wheel.

I think there are two kinds of contentment though. Passive contentment, and aggressive contentment. (Stick with me here)

Those who are passively content with things the way they are, are happy with their lives, but they get nowhere in life, never accomplish anything and never grow as a person. As far as I'm concerened nobody who's passively content will ever stay content. because there is a desire in every person that craves and feeds on accomplishments and succeeding in things they had never done or previously thought impossible. Leaving that desire unfulfilled for long periods of time can bring even the most content people down.

Those who are aggresively content, however, actively pursue their goals and are constantly fulfilling that desire to achieve and succeed in new things every day. They are always moving forward, yet always content with what they have at the moment.

Don't spend all your time waiting. Things will happen whether or not you wait. Be content. Don't be content to the point of laziness yet be happy. It isn't all that bad.

Song: Hootie & The Blowfish - Let Her Cry

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