Monday, May 15, 2006

Isn't Happy Monday an Oxymoron?

So on my way to work this morning (at 6AM) I realize that it's cold and I forgot my sweatshirt on the kitchen table and that I'll probably be working in a warehouse. I stop at WalMart on the way there to grab a cheap sweatshirt. And WalMart...WALMART...doesn't have sweatshirts. Some of the most basic human attire and freakin WalMart doesn't have it? So I bought a $7-on-clearance track jacket. Once I put it on outside the store I realize that it's on clearance because wearing it feels like wearing razor blades.

So then I get to work and find out I'll be workin on the computers all day and it was all for naught. I went back after work and returned the jacket and got a new wallet, and graham crackers which I am eating right now. They're delicious.

Thinking about how much money I am going to make this summer and how I am going to do absolutely nothing with it kinda sucks. It's great to save. But with my 'spending' money after I save most of it, I will buy...who knows...but it probably will be something that is pretty damn useless and not that entertaining. Then again, that probably won't be too bad either, because then my 'spending money' for the summer can be used for spending money during the school year when I actually have people to do stuff with. I think I'm going to get one of those countdown things for my computer until school starts...kinda sad that that's what gives the summer meaning.

Oh yeah...Just a little something I saw on someone else's blog that I wrote a comment on over there. Figured I might as well put it here too.

This is what they posted:
If only more guys were like Jim from The Office or Mr. Darcy....

This is what I wrote: OOoooo do I hate it when girls say stuff like if only guys were like this guy or that guy from this tv show or that movie...Not because some guys aren't.

But because a guy can do absolutely everything he can think of to be that kind of guy from that tv show or movie and then that same girl who wanted that kind of guy so bad decides she'd rather still pick the guy who treats her like shit and could care less about her. And THEN they have the nerve to complain about how much that guy treats her like shit and doesn't care.

My little rants over now...thats one of those things that really pisses me off really bad though.

Song: Teddy Geiger - For You I Will (Confidence)

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The MotherLoad said...

jjjeeezzzz....i didnt meant it personally to you will. this is just one girl's opinion. i know that some girls may say that but most of them are stupid enough to fall into that trap of the bf that treats them like crap. Not all ppl know whats best for them and sometimes that means them finding out the hard way...what im saying is-ppl like Jim or mr darcy arent real. theyre fantasy. there is no one like them; maybe theyre what i want but not what i need....
this is hard to explain on here. call me sometime! we havent talked in awhile...