Monday, May 29, 2006

Seeing Red

I'm going to apologize for the complete and utter randomness of this post ahead of time.

Who doesn't like a day off of work? Well, I could've used the money, but I can sacrifice that $72 for sleeping in late, laying out on the lake, and grilling some chicken...delicious.

I had a good workout today. But I can't wait CANT WAIT until I get back to a weightroom with heavy dumbbells. Right now I'm using plates for dumbbells. I always start off the week good in terms of weightlifting and working out. But then I get lazy as the week goes on. I don't know why it's so much harder here at home than it is at school. Sure in college it was my job. But at high school I had no problem weightlifting every day. Weird. I guess I'll have to work on that motivation thing.

So I think my videocard in my computer just kinda blew itself out today. So I'm trying to figure stuff out in terms of if I should build a new desktop. If I get a new laptop I will have a computer. But I will only have so much storage. That becomes a problem because I have ALOT of stuff on my computer. So I'm not sure where exactly to go with that yet. It'll help when I can actually go apply for loans to see how feasible the new laptop idea is. But I can't do that until I get all my financial aid stuff back from Bethany. Geez.

Question - is it geez or jeez? Or is it personal preference? I always wondered...

Song: The Afters - Beautiful Love


Anonymous said... should probably update... Every once in a while I wonder how life is for you and then I check your blog. But if there are no updates...I can only assume you are dead.

Anonymous said...

...that was from anonymous reader.