Sunday, May 14, 2006

Tell Me Something I Haven't Read

I almost just cut myself...I was trying to close a pocket knife and the knife part just swung out. Anyways...

I got the newspaper today. On the front page of the 'Perspectives' section was an article entitled 'Online and Outraged.' This article was about a woman who would write about, well, basically, how much she hated the republican party.

So I ask, how does this get onto the front page of a newspaper? If I talked about how much I disliked the fact that the US keeps digging itself further and further into debt without even thinking about the future at all do I warrant an article on the front page?

Maybe I should talk about oil prices and how the per barrel prices are supposedly going down yet the gas station prices stay the same. Or how the new alternatives that the Department of Energy are researching need to begin to be implemented now not 20 years from now.

What I'm curious to address though is not how I can become more popular on this blog but why do people even read any blogs? Well, I guess it's one form of time-wasting entertainment. But why do people care so much about other people's opinions? It seems like people just go to read something without so much as their own opinion in mind and come out full of fiery vigor ardent to kill anyone who opposes the opinion that was presented in the piece they just read.

Be your own person. Don't just adopt opinions and views because you read them. Learn from them, add them to your ideas. Then we can talk.

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Tiffy Fish said...

I think people read opinions for 2 reasons... they either like to argue their points of view and reading things like this gets them all rawled up, or knowing that someone else feels the same way they do gives them that little fuzzy feeling inside.