Saturday, April 15, 2006

Broken Twigs and Raked Leaves

So it looks like I'm going to get my new laptop as soon as I can get my loans all figured out for next year. That should give me some energy and interest to doing that.

I'm trying to decide between three laptops right now, so far anyone who's reading this and is into computer stuff at all feel free to add your opinion. I'm trying to decide between two Sagers, the 3880 and the 5320 and the ASUS A8Jm.

Tommorrow should be a good day. Easter service in the morning, get some work done (taxes) in the afternoon, and early birthday dinner in the evening (YES!). So all in all, looking forward to it.

I was just watching ESPN2 Boxing. Peter Manfredo Jr (who I actually completely hate) was fighting Sergio Mora. Manfredo got completely screwed. It was a split decision going to Mora. But Manfredo landed alot more punches than Mora who was on the defensive the entire fight. Everybody knew that Manfredo won, except, it seemed, the judges.

Just thought I'd throw that in there. I don't like it when boxing comes down to judges decisions. It's so subjective. It was in Mora's hometown. Not saying that had anything to do with it but...I hate to see a boxer get screwed over like that. Have you ever tried boxing? Just go up to a punching bag for maybe a minute and keep punching and circling it. You'll be dead tired. It's hard stuff.

Song: Brad Paisley - Mud On the Tires

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The MotherLoad said...

well i dont really know anything about those computers so yeah, good luck with that. Thanks for your comment. Im happy that you know what i mean.....