Saturday, April 22, 2006

It's Just Not the Same Since You Went Away

There is just nobody here this weekend. Nobody. If they are here, they have sports.Thats ok though. I needed a chance to get my financial aid stuff done. That's all pretty much done just need to polish off all the details on Monday and Tuesday. Then I can renew loans or whatever I have to do for that and hopefully get the extra for my new laptop.

I'm planning on putting the majority of my money from jobs this summer into savings. I really need to start doing better with my money.

So, watch some baseball/softball, weightlift for a couple hours, eat, clean the room, find something to do for a little bit, watch a movie and probably go to bed.

Then church tommorrow and I have to do some stuff for my speech group assignment, maybe some chemistry, and I need to catch up on all my religion assignments. That should cover it all.

I watched Just Friends this morning because I couldn't sleep. What a stupid movie. Wow, that was really dumb. I really have a knack for getting shitty movies.

Song: Brad Paisley - The World

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Cinthia said...

I find that making a budget really helps! Good luck to you with that. Once you figure it out, you know it's hard to lose that good financial sense.