Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Please Don't Award My Movie

Lost in Translation is a movie about...well...absolutely nothing. Two American's (Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson) are in Tokyo and they meet. They might fall in love, I'm not quite sure. Nothing happens really. They talk about who knows what a couple of times. They go visit a couple of clubs in Tokyo.

I watched the entire movie out of sheer curiosity of why the heck it had apparently been nominated for two Academy Awards. Nothing ever happened though. I honestly found no point at all to this movie.

However it did come to strengthen my belief that if a movie gets an Academy Award, it's probably not worth watching. It seems like most movies that get these awards are just mind-numbingly boring. Here are a couple examples: Lord of the Rings (It may have good battle scenes but when it takes 3 hours to get to them..) Moulin Rouge (Have you seen it?)...I mean c'mon...where are the good movies? You tell me. These movies may have good storylines...if anyone can stay awake long enough to get to the point...if there is one.


Babs said...

I'm with ya'. That movie was boring and made no sense. Blah!

Brad said...

"Moulin Rouge" is your pick for Oscar glory? It won two, best art direction and costume design, not exactly top tier hardware there.

Will said...

Yeah, you're right, I probably should've done a little bit more research on that. But the thing is, I really haven't seen too many Academy Award winning movies because I'm under the impression that they all suck so why waste my time. Are there maybe a couple that you would like to recommend that would change my opinion?

Annette Burkett said...

I didn't even make it through half of it before I put in the other movie we got. However, I loved Moulin Rouge...it's on my top ten list.