Monday, April 10, 2006

You got me in a spin but everything is A-OK

Oh my God, this day has the potential to be really really bad. Just took a chemistry test, I've never taken a worse test in my life. I mean I've taken bad tests but damn...90% of my test time was sitting there chewing on my pen trying to figure out how I could BS my way through the problems. Usually I can BS my way through the math on Chem tests but there was too much chem and not enough math on this one.

I have a history test in about an hour and a half so that could make my day even worse.

All I know is that I need more sleep. I addressed emails to myself this morning and actually sent one of them to myself before I realized what I had done. I wouldn't have even realized it if I wouldn't have hit the refresh button on accident. Oh well, I have 2 more days left here, I will make the most of them and sleep when I go home, and on the car ride home. Definetly on the car ride home.

But guess what? I DON'T CARE! It's 65 degrees out right now and by this afternoon it's supposed to get above 70 degrees! I can make up for chem on the final which I assure you will be a B or higher. And History...well, hopefully I can pull off a C on this one.

Tommorrow it's supposed to be just as nice outside. The day after that I go home. Therefore this is actually gonna be a pretty good week minus today. It's funny, I want to go home, I'm looking forward to it. But by the time I come back next Monday I'll have wanted to leave for about 3 days I bet.

I wish I knew where I was going with all this college stuff. The odds of me staying here for more than next year are pretty slim. If I go with a computer major. Although I'm really interested in taking psychology next year. I'm not sure if I want to be interested in it or not. That'll just complicate things if I get interested in that instead of computers. But I already find the different ways people think about things and approach situations interesting.

It's weird how a situation can be percieved so much differently by every single person who views it. I love listening to people just tell me what they think about things that are happening. It's interesting to hear the different points they bring up and emphasize.

Song: Bowling for Soup - Get Happy


mrshife said...

Well I hope your tests turned out better than you think. And have fun going home. Spring semester was always brutal for me. You get cabin fever and you want to go out and play instead of studying. Good luck in your studies and enjoy college while you can because it is a frickin' good time.

Beth said...

lol, I had to learn early on that you simply can't BS chemistry tests, try as I might. Good luck on your tests!