Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fish and Nuts

Oh I wish I understood things...I will just work on not showing that. Smile and keep on going. I read somewhere that if you act happy eventually it just catches on to you and you can't help but be happy. That's going to be my goal this week. Just make myself happy, no matter what. It actually worked pretty good today. So my hopes are high.

Has anyone ever tried chocolate and banana cake? Apparently it's not too popular. I think it's delicious. People are just afraid to try new things I think. Just give new things a shot, you'd be surprised. I read a book over break...how's that for new? Yeah that's right ME...READING.

Speaking of trying new things, I wanna try bullriding. Anybody with me? Seriously. It looks like so much fun. You can't deny it. The pain factor might scare some people away, but hey, that's the price you may have to pay. But maybe not. It's all up in the air until you try it.

That's my advice for the week. Go try something new. Anything. It doesn't have to be food. Whatever. Just try something new.

I've heard this song 5 times today. And it's still stuck in my frickin' head. Get it out!

Song: Daniel Powter - Bad Day


Anostica said...

Wow!! what a suprise! Kato is my hometown!!!

I've moved to Indiana now..for school

Kukka-Maria said...

Twin Lake, MI! My mother was a Reeths-Puffer Rocket (I didn't go there. I'm a cat, so I am not in need of a formal education--I'm just naturally intelligent).

Nice to see a "local" blog!