Sunday, April 09, 2006

I Don't Think that they'd Understand

Somtimes I wish I was this stupid. I think it would actually probably make things easier. I'd never get dissapointed. Maybe I should work on being dumber. Is it really dumb though?
Maybe he is just that self confident. I used to have self confidence. I just didn't let shit get to me. Just brushed it off, because who cares? These days, it self confidence doesn't come too easily.

Song: Lit - Miserable


mad said...

Ignorance is bliss, but it doesn't have its limits!

grayflanneldwarf said...

i've struggled with these thoughts a lot and i still don't know the answer.

ignorance is bliss? people usually say that it's true, but that it's a cheap form of bliss. you're happy, but to an outsider, it's obvious that it's a sheltered fun, without the substance that comes from expanding your world. but if you're happy, then who cares? i mean, you have no concept of the bigger world, you're ignorant and happy. (it's the old question: does a crazy person know they're crazy).

i can't solve it. what's the good of being aware and unhappy?

The MotherLoad said...

hey will, my weekend was pretty good thanks for asking. except that i got sick.....when do u give your speech? you know what i have figured out? everybody here is in such a hurry to grow up! why cant we all just slow down....idk how to explain it. if it helps at all.....the Lord wont give us anything we cant handle. Keep truckin will, youre a strong boy....i feel like a mom....
ok time to go.